Writing // Research // Production: Tamara Westfall

Welcome and thanks for checking out my writing. Please don't hesitate to ask me what I am currently working on as I'm always working on projects. As a result, it's hard to keep this page up to date. I'm always writing and have been for a long time. Here are some samples of what I've had the opportunity to do:

  • [Op Ed] - 'Sprouted Zine, Vol. 3' - Origami"

    A candid look into dealing with stress and PTSD through origami.

  • [Social Policy] - Columbia Chronicle: Representing Chicago's First Black Mayor

  • [SocioEcon] - Columbia Chronicle: Employment Status for Women and Minorities in Illinois

  • [SocioEcon] - Columbia Chronicle: Outsourcing the Outlook

  • [Community Affairs] - Columbia Chronicle: Handling Panhandlers in the Chicago Loop

  • [Science] - Columbia Chronicle: It Aint Over Till the Fat Lady Eats

    Study On Diets and How They Coincide with Human Development

  • [Science] - Columbia Chronicle: Body Worlds Chicago

  • [Tech Editorial] - Colorblind Man And His Sensor That Lets Him Hear Color

  • [Science Editorial] - First Eclipse Recognized By Man

  • [Science Editorial] - When Bill Nye Science Meets Food

  • [Science Editorial] - Breath Detector for Disease

  • [Tech Editorial] - Afghan Refugee Made Cleaning Up Landmines Cheaper

  • [Science Editorial] - Don't Shoot Yourself With The Second Arrow

  • [Science Editorial] - Mixing Human and Animal Embryos in The Name of Science

  • [Science Editorial] - Heart Surgery Without Surgery

  • [Tech Editorial] - Bloatware

  • [Tech Editorial] - Tesla Solar Panels

  • [Investigative] - Gaper's Block: Oil on Chicago River

  • [Investigative] - Life After Hate Publications: The Stigma -

    Researching social perception of domestic violence

  • [Human Interest Editorial] - Little Boy Makes 800 Teddy Bears For Sick Children

  • [Human Interest Editorial] - Bike Shop Communities

  • [Travel] - Dont' Get "Almost Kidnapped" in Hong Kong

  • [Interviews] - Life After Hate Publications: Explaining Hate -

    An interview with former white supremacists

  • [Editorialized Interview] - Advice From a Centennial

  • [Editorialized Interview] - A Conversation With Starving Syrian Children

  • [Animal Track] - Cat Food Notes: A live research list of products to benefit your cat's life

  • [Animal Track] - Don't Do Your Cat's Drugs, Mmk?

  • [Animal Track] - Hayden's Law and Killing Shelter Animals

  • [Animal Track] - Fostering Project

    For half a year I worked on a fostering project but quickly became a failed foster
    after housing the third kitty. The project became a policy and awareness exercise till
    Facebook shut it down with no given reason.

  • [News Reader] - Metro Minutes: Raising the retirement age

  • [News Reader] - Metro Minutes: Rising gas prices

    Metro Minutes is a downtown Chicago student focused weekly news magazine hosted on public access and on campus.

  • [PSA Reader] - WCIU-26 Chicago, 26 N. Halsted: Calendars

    Calendars is WCIU's public outreach segment. These readers are done in 30 second to one minute time blocks during commercials.

  • [Package] - WCIU-26 Chicago, Sport's Edition: Jonathan Mills

    Sport's Edition is WCIU-26's local sports program covering high school, college, and national sports.

  • [Package] - WCIU-26 Chicago, Chicago Insider: Fashion in the West Loop

    The Insider was WCIU's first webcast show that covered all the trends and culture within Chicago.

  • [Rundown] - WCIU-26 Chicago, 26 N. Halsted: Electoral System

    26 N. Halsted is Chicago TV channel 26's daily community affairs program. This particular show hosted Mick Dumke, Avis LaVelle, & Michael Mezey.

  • [Show Preplan] - WCIU-26 Chicago, 26 N. Halsted: Infrastructure

  • [FCC Summary] - WCIU-26 Chicago, 26N Halsted: FCC Compliance Summary